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International Consulting Inc. is the largest document Legalization and export Letter of Credit company in the United States, serving freight forwarders and exporters for almost four decades. With offices in major export cities nationwide, we are able to legalize your documents at the correct consular jurisdiction irrespective of origin or destination, saving you both time and money. International Consulting Inc. is the premier agency in the United States that expedites consular services. International Consulting Inc. provides authentication, legalization, certification, and obtains apostilles for documents.

International Consulting Inc. is nationally known and widely used by many large companies for their legal and commercial certification needs. We pride ourselves in our stellar reputation with foreign embassies. We have an exclusive relationship with the Arab American Chamber of Commerce (AACC), US Arab Chamber of Commerce (USACC), and the American Cosmetics Manufacturing Association (ACMA) which allows us to service all your legal and commercial documentation needs. International Consulting Inc. has the talent, commitment, ingenuity and dedication to get your documents certified fast and right.

International Consulting Inc. has been an industry-leading documentation provider for over two decades. The document legalization process can be complicated with frequently changing guidelines. However, PIDC seeks to keep it very simple for our clients. You just provide us with the necessary documents, and we handle the rest.

Our network of OFFICES and expertise allows us to serve our clients and help them navigate the various government requirements for document legalization. We hand deliver documents to most offices with our own personnel. We process documents related to commercial export shipments as well as legal documents such as Intellectual Property or Patent documents. Our tracking system and dedicated staff can minimize delays by constantly monitoring the status of the documents until the certification or legalization process is completed.


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