Business Consulting
A set of techniques and tools to manage the business platform effectively and to improve the quality of process outputs.

  • Process Analysis
  • Architecture Design
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Accounting Consultancy
  • HR Consultancy
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Information Technology
A wide range of integrated and customizable solutions tailored to fit your business needs and improve your business process.

  • Software Development
  • Secured Networks
  • Cloud & Hosting Services
  • GIS Services
  • Computer Tech
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As a first-class provider of innovative logistics and supply-chain services and solutions, International Consulting Inc has an extensive network every when in Iraq.

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Visa Service

International Consulting Inc. provides passport and visa services. When you require a passport or visa for your destination, International Consulting Inc is here to help you in an expedited fashion. We put our professional expertise to use in order to get your passport and/or visa to you as quickly as possible

Business registration

Most of investors, international companies and business suffer from lack of knowledge of their company’s registration procedures in Iraq, making them vulnerable to be exploited by international and local law firms and governmental employees

Documents legalization

With offices in major export cities nationwide, International Consulting Inc is able to legalize your documents at the correct consular jurisdiction irrespective of origin or destination, saving you both time and money.

International Consulting

Partnered with experienced International Business Consultants in Iraq

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