As a first-class provider of innovative logistics and supply-chain services and solutions, International Consulting Inc. has an extensive network everywhere in Iraq.

Providing advanced customer-specific solutions through our value-creating services and IT technology in supply-chain management, we comprehensive service network and platforms will allow you to make All the Right Moves for your business.

Our dedicated and experienced professionals always provide you with tailor-made logistics solutions, customized to your particular needs. We focuses on serving customers with global sourcing and supply-chain-management needs, creating value through innovative end-to-end international logistics programs.

We are also a leader in providing transportation, warehousing, and distribution services in Iraq, offering professional and efficient solutions. As a global company based in Asia, we are exceptionally positioned to serve both international and domestic customers in the world's fastest-growing markets.

With regard to the customers' needs, we takes over the responsibility for integrated logistics solutions and system development. Long-Term cooperation is always the aim, and the Company conforms to the following motto in customer relations: "We will find the best solution together."

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