Partnered with experienced International business consultants in Iraq, International Consulting Inc. has the opportunity to afford our clients with business consulting in Iraq at all levels of with the Iraqi government and the Iraqi private sector in general.

International Consulting Inc. have the ability to interface with local Iraqi governments as well as the federal government in the best interests of our clients. We can help American and International businesses to overcome any difficulties to enter the Iraqi market. We have helped investors, business people, and opportunities seekers to obtain a foothold in the fastest emerging market in the Middle East and the Gulf.

Whether the mission is an Investment Opportunity, Business Intelligence, Information Technology, Market Research, Logistic Services, or just to make the Sale, International Consulting Inc. is there for our clients. We also a market research company, specializing in major sector market research and Iraq business consulting services. With native experience in the field for over 6 years, Iraq’s team of experts provides effective use of market research results and Iraqi insight to give companies a cutting-edge view of Iraq market research, how to conduct business and investment in Iraq.


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Partnered with experienced International Business Consultants in Iraq

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